Who operates the tank?

The tank is controlled by two players who separately control the body and dome. How? With the help of remote controls that contain screens on which they watch real-time video transmission. One player controls the direction and speed of the tank, while the other player will turn the turret and be in charge of firing bullets. To gain points and achieve victory, the most important thing is that the tank duo is coordinated and that they communicate throughout the entire game.

Tank parts and capabilities?

Iron Bull tanks are made up of about three hundred pieces that accurately replicate the original models that dominated the world’s biggest tank battles. They are made in a ratio of 1:10, with an average height of about 30 cm and a weight of up to 25 kg. They are equipped with two cameras and an accurate system of movement and hit recording.

Missile firing system

How does it work? Tanks fire plastic bullets with a diameter of 6 mm that can reach the opponent at a distance of up to 70 m. The firing system was adopted from professional airsoft mechanisms and further developed to provide the tanks with extreme precision. The tanks are loaded with an automated system that provides a charge of about 40 missiles per game round.
How is it used in the game? The firing system is controlled by an artilleryman who uses the remote control to turn the turret left and right and aim at the enemy by raising or lowering the barrel and firing. Each tank has a different turret speed, cannon caliber, firepower and firing speed. And each team will have an unlimited amount of charging for the duration of the game.

Tank movement system

How does it work? In combination with electric motors, reducers enable the movement of the tank body in all directions. They also enable vertical and horizontal movement of the cannon within the accurate range that the tank models imitate. Depending on which tank you set out to fight, you will be able to move faster or slower and have a more agile attacking or defensive vehicle for battle.
How is it used in the game? Tanks can reach speeds of a meter to a meter and a half per second. They are operated by a driver whose remote control controls the speed and maneuverability on the map. Each tank has different mobility, some will be better for conquest campaigns while others will be better for static play. So, before you enter the arena and choose an armored vehicle, take a look at the tank’s features and its characteristics.

Hit detection

How does it work? A network of sensors on the body of the tank monitors damage and records all hits.
How is it used in the game? Each tank has 14 to 16 sensors that allow detection of the location of the enemy missile. Given the caliber of the attacking cannon and the hit location and thickness of the tank’s armor (also scaled accurately to the tanks they are replicated after), the tank loses life points until the moment it finally ends the game.

Live video transmission

How does it work? On each tank, as shown in the picture above, there are two cameras. Both convey the real-time state of the map and the status of the tanks. Players see this data on the screens of their steering wheels.
How is it used in the game? One camera is located above the cannon to allow precise artillery aim, while the other camera is located in the opening of the front hull of the tank and helps the driver navigate easier and survey the terrain to locate enemy armor.

Types and modes of the game

Within the 60-minute game, the teams have the opportunity to test out different strategies and techniques to score points and win.


How do you play? One team attacks while the other defends. Roles change when the round expires (9 minutes max) or when a team destroys enemy tanks. At the end of the round, the attacking team switches to defense and vice versa. At the end of the last round, the winner is determined.
First place will be achieved by the team that finishes the game with a larger number of tanks (if they have the same number of tanks, then the winner is the team that defends) or the team that destroys all the opponent’s armor.


How do you play? Two teams compete, one attacking and the other defending. At the end of each round, they change roles (the attacking team switches to defense and vice versa). The round ends when the time expires (9 minutes max), after which the winner is determined. The team that keeps a larger number of tanks in the game, or the team that destroys all of their opponent’s tanks, takes the victory. If the teams are left with the same number of tanks at the end of the game, the team that defends wins. Unlike team deathmatch, a single shot will be a defining factor because a tank hit means an “instant kill” and the end of the game.


How do you play? All tanks on the field fight for themselves. The game begins when all the tanks are deployed at equal distances on the map, and with the signal of the start they begin attacking. Everyone plays for themselves and everything goes! The last tank on the field wins.


How do you play? The main goal of each of the two teams is to occupy the enemy base. It is achieved when one team’s tank is brought to the base of the opposing team and stays there, undamaged, for 40 seconds. The round ends when one team takes the base of the other team or when the round time expires. The team that has more tanks in the game or the one that destroys all the tanks of the other team wins. If the game is over and an equal number of tanks remain on the field on both sides, the defending team wins.


How do you play? There are two teams on the ground, one attacking and the other protecting a vehicle (truck) moving across the map to the enemy base. The round ends in three scenarios: 1. if the attackers destroy the vehicle before time runs out; 2. if the defense successfully protects the vehicle on the way to the enemy base; or 3. when the round time expires. How is the winner determined? The winners will be those who defend or those who destroy all the tanks of the rival team.

How to register?


Players can register on the website or at the gameroom info desk. By purchasing one game, you receive an hour-long battle. The time slot can be extended by purchasing another hour or more, but only if no one else has booked it. The game clock is divided into 3 to 6 rounds. The rounds include breaks required for terrain preparation, battery replacement, and missile charging by staff members.


Each team is limited to 6 tanks maximum, and each tank is operated by two people. The minimum number of players on a team is 2, and the maximum is 12 players. Teams can come pre-formed or formed from individual players who are interested in playing at the same time. If the teams differ in the number of players, they can mutually agree on the transition from team to team in order to equalize the number. If the teams cannot do this alone, the gameroom manager will divide them at random by automatic selection. If a player does not want to agree to the offered option, they will have the right to cancel the reservation for a refund. Before the game begins, each team will choose its own nation. If teams want to compete under the same flag, the decision of who will go to which side will again be made by random selection.


Players are placed on their platforms elevated about the map while the gameroom software designates one team as offense and the other as defense. This, along with all other information about the game can be seen by players and fans on screens located in front of each of the players elevations. Each team, along with individual players, will collect points that will rank them in the overall Iron Bull rankings. Each player will be analyzed by attack statistics, damage done, goals earned, strategies and techniques and will be encouraged to play more creatively. It also allows players to see the characteristics of enemy tanks in order to skillfully target their weak points.



The playroom is intended for people over the age of 12. Younger children cannot operate tanks or participate in the game.


Iron Bull has taken all precautions to protect players. However, all players enter the arena at their own risk by signing a written consent form.


Fair play is supported in the Iron Bull arena. Inappropriate behavior, destruction of property, tanks, intentional driving of tanks into a protective fence, insulting or harassing other players, as well as playing in a visibly intoxicated state are prohibited. Players who do not behave in accordance with the rules will be removed from the Iron Bull arena and will be permanently denied access to the gameroom.