US Fleet: M26 Pershing

PLAYER INFO: Pershing is an extremely agile tank with a strong cannon and front armor. Due to its compact design and superior power, this tank is great for more dynamic, aggressive play and attack. Its weak point is its side armor, which is why it is recommended for more experienced strategists who can react quickly in the game.

M4A3E2 Sherman “Jumbo”

INFO FOR PLAYERS: The Sherman “Jumbo” tank has extremely good armor and a strong cannon, but has extremely poor mobility. In line with other tanks, we call Sherman “Jumbo” a goalkeeper because it is best for defensive tasks. It is recommended for players who are calmer, just starting to play or those who may need more time to make decisions.

M4A3E8 Sherman – Easy 8

 INFO FOR PLAYERS: The “Easy Eight” is a tank with a strong cannon and an advanced system of horizontal springs adorned with superior agility. It is good for quick positioning and side attacks. Its disadvantage is its middle armor on all sides, which is why it is recommended for more experienced strategists who can react very quickly in the game.

M4 Sherman

PLAYER INFO: The M4 Sherman is a reliable tank with good armor and distinct bareness, but contains a weak cannon. This doesn’t mean you don’t need it! This tank is ideal for supporting the Sherman “Easy Eight” and carrying out flank attacks.

Panzer VIB Tiger II – “King Tiger”

PLAYER INFO: This king among German tanks has superior armor and an equally superior cannon. They are super-heavyweights in the mobility category, but that is not their main purpose. King Tiger is great for defending and attacking enemy fire, and serves very well in battles from afar. This tank is a great gateway to the team.

Panzer VI Tiger

PLAYER INFO: Well armored on all sides, Panzer VI Tiger is not only an excellent player in defense, but also in attack. Its mobility is greater than that of the King Tiger. It is good at all tasks and can be controlled by both beginners and experienced players. The outcome is always different, but utilizing Tiger is worth a try.

Panzer V Panther

PLAYER INFO: Representative of the German middle class, Panther is a great combination of agility, a strong cannon and good front armor. The weak side armor is its biggest flaw, but with good positioning in the team and adequate protection from the side, this tank can destroy many opponents.

Panzer IV

PLAYER INFO: The Panzer IV is a compact and agile tank with a good cannon. Its armor is not strong and durable, but this tank is fast and skillful and is therefore ideal for sudden attacks and fast play. If placed well in formation, the Panzer IV can lead you to victory.